Project planning and management coursework

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Complete Guide to Best Online Project Management Degrees

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Project management coursework overview

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Project management coursework overview

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In your coursework for your online degree in project management, you’ll learn the tools and techniques of effective project management, including leadership skills, planning and organizational tools, scheduling, procurement, contracts, risk management, and Total Quality Management. PMI membership signifies that you’re serious about your project management career and your professional development.

It highlights this dedication to employers, colleagues and stakeholders, giving you an edge in the job market.

Construction Management Coursework

AMA's project management courses and seminars will help you deliver smart solutions on time and within budget. AMA is a PMI® registered educational provider.

Project management coursework Essay

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of project planning through the use of scheduling software. Establish project requirements, objectives, and goals before defining the total project scope using a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Project Management Training & Certifications. Plan, lead and deliver successful projects with Project Management training courses and certifications, including Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification training.

AMA's project management courses and seminars will help you deliver smart solutions on time and within budget. AMA is a PMI® registered educational provider.

Project planning and management coursework
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