Inventory management system of big bazaar

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Decoding Big Bazaar's Online to Offline Strategy

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He said despite the surge in online retailing activities, brick and mortar method is still strong in India. TrustRadius is the site for professionals to share real world insights through in-depth reviews on business technology products.

Report on the inventory management of BIG BAZAAR - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Here i have prepared a report on the Inventory Management of Big-Bazaar (the place of Big-Bazaar is not disclosed), to give a brief idea of the inventory management.

I prepared it as per the course-curriculum at my college.5/5(10). The company‘s leading format include Pantaloons, a chain of fashion outlets, Big Bazaar, a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain, Food Bazaar, a supermarket chain, blends the look, touch and feel of Indian bazaars with aspects of modern retail like choice, convenience and quality.

Free Download Shopping Mall Management System Java project with source code, documents, and repots. 4 Reviews. Shopping Mall Management System (Big Bazaar Management System), provides an easy interface to learn various management methods on a smaller scale.

Inventory Control System is a software system for tracking inventory levels.

Inventory Management in Big Bazaar, Vijayawada

Dec 23,  · Super Mart Management System Project on Ms Access Database Reliance Fresh, Big Bazaar Earns Money - Duration: Mr. C# Inventory Management System.

Inventory management system of big bazaar
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