Image and impression management

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Impression Management: Considering Cultural, Social, and Spiritual Factors

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Reputation, image, and impression management

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This blunt can also be adapted for a genuine scenario. Impression management is a conscious or subconscious process in which people attempt to influence the perceptions of other people about a person, Social networking users will employ protective self-presentations for image management.

Users will use subtractive and repudiate strategies to maintain a desired image. Impression management is a two-way street. We both judge and are judged by others. We both judge and are judged by others. Often, these judgements occur in. Apr 20,  · Much impression management is devoted not merely to presenting a positive image, but to suppressing the negative, to self-monitoring strategies.

Here you carefully monitor (self-censor) what you say or do. Impression management is the effort to control or influence other people's perceptions. This could be their perception of a certain person (including you). Impression management is the effort to control or influence other people's perceptions.

This could be their perception of a certain person (including you), a material possession or an event. Since image management behaviour can be learned, habitually and unconsciously, humans engage in impression management behaviour without considering what they are actually doing.

With reference to Jones and Pittman (), people should be cautious in using image management tactics since one.

Image and impression management
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