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Change management is a generic term used to define change- and as such has wide-ranging and broad scoped impacts. There are a few change management dissertation topics that are coming up frequently based on an analysis of the most frequently evaluated change management topics.

business change management- an option or compulsion introduction Organizational change management is the structured approach in the transitioning of teams, organizations and individuals from the prevailing state to the desired future state (Duck, )/5(6).

John Kotter, a leadership and change management expert, developed a change model to combat what he felt were eight main reasons for unsuccessful organizational change {Kreitner, Kinicki,p. ). Keeping the eyes on the change activities is also a quality trait of transactional leadership style.

Thus in this way it could be stated that leadership can show its expediency in effective change management. Conclusion: Thus it becomes clear that diverse leadership qualities are effective into the different situation of change management.

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Check Out the Most Relevant Dissertation Topics Change management thesis
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