Challenges in managing t1d

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Managing hyperglycaemia in type 1 diabetes Early optimisation of glycaemic control. Daniele Hargenrader, AKA the Diabetes Dominator, is a nutritionist, diabetes and health coach, and certified personal trainer. She has been living with type 1 diabetes for almost 25 years, diagnosed in.

The life of someone with a chronic illness is changed in many ways that a healthy individual cannot understand (Epping-Jordan, J.A. et al, ). There is remarkable impact to the social, psychological, financial, recreational and occupational functioning of someone with chronic illness.

As the challenges of managing T1D continue to prevent many patients from reaching their treatment goals, more emphasis has been placed on determining whether medications approved for the treatment of T2D might also help people with T1D improve their health outcomes.

A Dozen Type 1 Diabetes Influencers to Know

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Challenges in managing t1d
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